Leading Edge has been established for over 10 years and has a proven track record for quality training. Having previously operated from Glasgow, Perth and Cumbernauld we have now now chosen to concentrate from a single base; Glasgow International Airport. Our background in aviation includes Commercial Training, Aircraft Maintenance, and Airport Operations.


Glasgow International Airport provides an excellent location for pilot training. 24/7 operation with full support services with no restrictions for Night and Instrument training. Based landings are charged at £15.00. 


We own our own fleet  with includes 3 Piper Tomahawk, 2 Cessna 172, and a Cessna 152 Aerobat. We have recently added a Cessna 172SP Millennium Edition. Our aircraft are available for training and solo hire. 4 have already been upgrade for 8.33 and Mode 'S'. 


We currently have 16 EASA instructors. These range from recently graduated to current and retired airline Training Captains. This experience is unrivaled across Scotland and ensures that we can provide quality training. This is reflected in our pass rate.


We have always promoted 'Pay as you go' as this ensures students are always in control of their training. We offer small discounts for block bookings but insist they are used in a timely manner. Our standard rates are below:-

Piper Tomahawk - £150 per hour

Instructor - £32.50 per hour

Glasgow landing fee - £15.00

Training rate per hour (including landing) - £197.50

Flight Training

We provide training towards the Private Pilot Licence and additional ratings and qualifications.
We work with ACS Aviation to provide Commercial training for pilots looking for a career.
Our courses are structured to the student; you can complete your PPL in 8 weeks or spread it over a number of years.

Flying Club

We provide a range of Club services for our members.
Students and qualified pilot members have 24/7 use of our facilities.
Members can bring friends and family without further cost.
We welcome new members.

Solo Hire

Our fleet of  aircraft are all available for solo hire.
They are available for individual flights or can be taken away for extended periods.
They are also available for hour building for those progressing towards a career.


Logging in

Our members have dedicated internet access for booking aircraft and instructors.
You can use this to structure your training or book in advance for trips.
We operate an open system so our members can see who else is in on any day.