Flight Training

We provide training towards the Private Pilot Licence and additional ratings and qualifications.
We work with ACS Aviation to provide Commercial training for pilots looking for a career.
Our courses are structured to the student; you can complete your PPL in 8 weeks or spread it over a number of years.

Flying Club

We provide a range of Club services for our members.
Students and qualified pilot members have 24/7 use of our facilities.
Members can bring friends and family without further cost.
We welcome new members.

Solo Hire

Our fleet of  aircraft are all available for solo hire.
They are available for individual flights or can be taken away for extended periods.
They are also available for hour building for those progressing towards a career.


Logging in

Our members have dedicated internet access for booking aircraft and instructors.
You can use this to structure your training or book in advance for trips.
We operate an open system so our members can see who else is in on any day.



Gift vouchers 

2 seat 
4 seat
30 min
40 min
60 min
90 min
double landaway